Best Attitude Dialogue in English | Boy attitude dialogue in English

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What a wonderful distance friendship is,

 Where is the meeting, it is just an online thing

 Of course not the king

 But if it comes to the father,

 I will also snatch the throne

 Will get the realization of the limits done at the right time,

 Some people have mistook the ocean as a pond.

whatever a little bit belongs to someone else,

 I don’t want that at all

 Attitude dialogue in English

Guess I’m nothing special

 But nobody talks to me like

 was silent so as not to make a spectacle,

 Otherwise there were a hundred answers,

 one question for you

 For the destruction of your heartbeat,

 our shadow is enough.

 It will take some time but

 we will write our own story

 You can’t do anything by plotting.

 fight with me

You can’t do anything by plotting.

 fight with me

 try to be like us

 leave it,

 Lions are born not made

Best Attitude Dialogue in English

Best Attitude Dialogue in English | Boy attitude dialogue in English

Keep burning I’ll keep burning

 take care of your eyes,

 will be seen

 stop being afraid of people

 Honor is given above,

 no people

 Alone there is no sorrow

 Where there is no respect

 there we are not

more than changing lawyers,

 We believe in buying judges

 We are not afraid

 have done everything

 not to be equal to anyone,

 just want to prove myself.

I dare to bear

 So even the courage to destroy

 Will take revenge for every insult,

 it’s time to fly high

 Do whatever you want with us,

 just remember,

 i remember everything

 Bend as far as is right,

 Leaning unnecessarily only encourages the other’s ego

new Attitude Dialogue in English

Do whatever you want with us,

 just remember,

 i remember everything

 This round is yours

 no you can stop

 Can’t stop

 can only bark.

Stay together, sir

 But don’t get bogged down by anyone

 It’s so easy to mess with us

 then it’s your loss

 Will play with those who play

 and will pay the burns

Before calling us bad,

 You also need to be spotless

 The pace of steps is definitely slow,

 but on his own

 never forget two things,

 Your status and our status!!

I dare to bear

 So even the courage to destroy

 Be careful, do evil to us,

 where you express

 they tell us all

 The less the dreams, the aspirations and the people,

 That’s as good!!.

 And when it comes to Ego,

 so remember i’m a very cruel person

new lasted Attitude Dialogue in English

The struggle is still

 but victory is certain

 If I bow down then the matter will be easy,

 But this will bleed my character

 silence game,

 Now the devastation will descend

what you did today

 tomorrow will be with you too

 People who have used us,

 at least they know we’re useful

 collects the goods of desires,

 Compromise doesn’t happen here with wishes

 We are hunters too.

 but we never killed dogs.

Success is my desire,

 and i’m stubborn

 Seeing the decency of the Sharifs,

 We are proud of our being bad

 I look as I am

 i don’t know how to pretend

 It’s too far to speak

 Those people will also yearn to see

 who broke my trust

 You keep jealousy unaccountable,

 we will keep the flames

 Now is not the time to sleep peacefully, sir.

 We have bought some dreams by selling sleep

 A bird is still in flight,

 The arrow is in the command of every man

dare to bear,

 So even the courage to destroy

 Suppose our first class did not come,

 But today we are those from whom first class

 those who also yearn to meet

 mean people,

 our salute from afar

attitude dialogue in english for girl

Best Attitude Dialogue in English | Boy attitude dialogue in English

Whenever I’m glowing,

 I have grown at double the speed

 Those who did not come, their salutes started coming,

 When the time changed, mangoes started coming in my neem too.

 Enough to think

 Now take her decision

 it’s time to be proven right.

took time,

 so does the blast

 Will do it hard

 Those winds will also be faced soon,

 who is running against us these days

There was never fear,

 and never will be

 to go further than that,

 who didn’t take us

 I’m only good up to there,

 as far as the front

 don’t forget your worth

Attitude Status in English for Instagram

I don’t care what people will say

 I have to meet my eyes with God not with people

 Our sanskars teach us to bow down, but

 not in front of anyone

Name and the height at which kites live,

 the more the number of bites

 Wait a bit, sir

 This time we don’t

 you will come to visit us

What is that, our policy is a little different,

 kinship first kinship later

 It is not proud, sir.

 just never learned to bow down

 I am bad only then everyone salutes,

 good people all bother

Experience has taught the lion to be silent because,

 roar is never hunted

 What said we are not afraid,

 Drunk or not fond of living

 We’ll look good too

 get a little rich

Earlier used to get confused on everything,

 Now silently accept defeat,

 Some accidents made us wiser

 things are still

 we do with people,

 but don’t trust

Boy attitude dialogue in English

 I am more than the crowd

 walking alone

 I believe

 guess something like this,

 that no one can guess

I’ll care about the circumstances

 then dreams will go bad

win or lose,

 of competition

 Should be.

 Those people who talk against us,

 whom we never talked to

 Know how to join hands and also break hands,

 We worship Rama and also Mahakal

I keep the idea a little different,

 so people get it wrong

Stylish attitude Status in English

 I’m definitely alone

 but the king of heart

 I’m not arrogant, sir

 But where there is no heart

 I don’t talk forcefully!!

Had gone as an enemy to defeat,

 If we came as friends, we would have lost ourselves

 When it comes to my respect,

 so i break up with people

 It is necessary to tell those who are left alone,

 that we alone are enough

Why should I bear the anger of others?

 I can’t control my own anger here

 Do not wish that everyone admires,

 Be proud parents that’s enough

 you know us,

 we recognize you

 If you Don’t Care,

 Come on again Same Here

I’m so lonely

 And that alone is enough!!

 Don’t give me advice,

 I’m having a bad time, no brain!!

 Sometimes I am happy and sometimes I am upset,

 yes sometimes i am sad

girls attitude dialogue in English

 what people call death

 We call it hobbies

 bad right,

 but some people

 Thinking about me a lot!!

 If there is any trouble, remember

 I will not advise

You tried to erase our history,

 We will destroy your tomorrow!!

you keep the jealousy,

 We will keep the flames going!!

 You tried to erase our history,

 we will destroy your tomorrow

 I know how to forgive people

 But I can’t find a place in my heart again.

 I’m afraid of slander

 not from crooks

Heard you hate us,

 good hobby

 I understand the tone of some people,

 It’s just not in my mood to embarrass them

Desi attitude Status in English

 Even if the revenge is old,

 But we’ll recalculate

of this unknown forest,

 we are infamous hunters

 Of course you’re smart

 But we don’t need to explain

 Smiling is a habit, sir.

 we don’t face sadness

 We can’t break the ax by drinking tea.

 heart is a long way away

The status is small but I am happy,

 I am a poet, I say a lot

 You’re an idiot,

 So we are also bastards

 just remember one thing,

 There is a difference between other people and me

 A little hard work for me

 Rest of Bholenath’s will

 By wearing the father’s slippers,

 Son does not become father!!

 Now it will be only that which the heart will say,

 Will see what happens later

Facebook attitude dialogue in English

Best Attitude Dialogue in English | Boy attitude dialogue in English

 The one who smiles even when broken,

 I am such a shameless person.

Whoever has done little favors on us,

 If time gives a chance, we will return the river to them !!

 We are fine alone sir

 No one cares no one cares !!

 Everyone is trying

 Still heavy on all of us

to do anything with me,

 just not to hurt my ego

 waiting for the opportunity

 Every deception will be accounted for

 He was my spitting person.

 whom you turn to face

 Permission to go

 Thanks to those who stay together!!

killer attitude dialogue in English

History has its bad,

 their dreams come true

 wait for the time

 you will meet us only

 Get an idea of ​​my personality from this fact,

 Many people have become famous, defaming me

 Some things are not because of arrogance,

 Rather have to give up for self-respect

Some things are not because of arrogance,

 Rather have to give up for self-respect

 have to wait a while

 So I’m allowed to wait

 But I’ll play the game big

 how to sleep

 my dreams are incomplete

I have to suppress every voice,

 who said you wouldn’t

 I am the same, not changed

 stay in place i’m not improved

I was silent

 you weak


WhatsApp Status attitude dialogue in English

 I have only one dream

 to fulfill my mother’s dreams

 If you get lost you will regret a lot.

 I’m not even used to coming back

 just remember one thing,

 difference between me and other people

 people say good

 bad things happen to people

 Oh if it happens, let it happen,

 There will be pride in the eyes while dying,

 not sorry.

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