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It is said that the one who sleeps is the Khowat.

 But the one who is awake, what mountain does he dig?

 It seems that Lord Indra has also taken the seam of Jio.

 Every day 1 GB is raining,

 And in 4G speed

 The one who sees is sad

 I don’t know who has all this happiness

A drunken drunken collided with a meander, corpse fell

When people started beating the drunkard, he said The one who fell down is not saying anything why are you becoming a leader

 The teacher asked when Humayun was born,

 student said,

 I come to school

 no delivery

I have always cheated in life,

Be it mango or guava, 

You are deceived too

Funny Shayari in English

Funny Shayari in English | WhatsApp Status Funny comedy Shayari in English

Today I felt like writing something deep,

Then thought that if someone drowns, he will have to give to take it

 Respect girls bastards,

Their broken hair also sells for two thousand rupees a kg

God made a mother by working hard,

 Even the devil thought if he made something,

 Then she made mother-in-law

 India is the only country,

 Where people speak before the fight takes place,

 You showed me your hand

 And after the fight, he speaks,

 How did you put your hand .

 Funny Shayari in English for boyfriend

nor with the sword,

 nor with a barrage of bullets,

 The country is being ruined

 Mobile recharge !!

 Where are those philanthropists hiding,

 Who distributes blankets and warm clothes in winter,

 Now fans will not distribute AC in summer

 If the stomach is empty, then you know yourself,

 If the mind is empty, then others come to know

 who say everyday,

 We reach to the top

 request them,

 Please make it rain

WhatsApp Status Funny comedy Shayari in English

If you listen to my sorrow, you will also cry.

 Bhandara was going on

 When I went inside, the pudding is over,

 When he came out, the slippers disappeared

If you want to curd someone’s mind,

 So delete it by sending three or four messages !!


 Dance so much serpent in friend’s wedding that,

 The friend’s father also asked,

 Will the son get married or will he agree only with Nagmani !!

After drinking beedi, people mash it with shoes like this

 As if Bidi is going to testify against him in court 

It’s such a terrible heat,

 brother-in-law will burn

 Why is no one’s friend laughing now

 Make it rain!

 Pagli was refusing to meet

 I also filed a case

 Now on every date!!

 How do people live without their wife

 Here the neighbor’s wife goes to her maternal home

 so i don’t mind

Missing a lot,

 But who’s coming

 can’t remember there

If you ever feel bad about me,

 the fault will be yours,

 I’m innocent, aren’t I?

funny friendship shayari in english

 It is not necessary that everyone’s wife fights and fights,

 Some vegetables also take revenge by adding more red chillies.

 Children dance in the procession so so cute,

 The old man dances so what’s the matter,

 young people dance.

 no matter how big the man is,

 In the in-laws’ house known only by the name of his wife,

 Falani’s Groom!!

It is getting so hot that

 Boys come out of the house as heroes,

 And come back as bats

This God, you speak to your clouds,

 Dude don’t rain everyday

 Here the light goes out!!

 India’s most favorite dish,

 Eat my oath

 Americans after vaccination

 thank you nurse,


 God bless you,


 how long to rub cotton

 The conversation stopped with him,

 When instead of writing good on her photo, old woman is written

What is marriage?

 If two wires of electricity are connected correctly, then light is only light.

 If connected wrong, it’s a blast

 The bank officer asked,

 Have an account in the bank?

 Nai Re Baba, I eat at home only!!

funny shayari in roman english

After checking the scooty, the mechanic said

 Madam brake is right,

 Your sandals are worn out,

 That’s why the car is not stopping

 change it

 When you go to the wedding, people say,

 go to eat,

 Now who can understand that,

 We only come to eat

 I can’t see your wedding

 Let’s admit

 Petrol diesel is dependent on other countries,

 But mustard oil is self-sufficient,

 Make it cheap

 Thought that by growing a beard, the girl would get spoiled

 Just now a girl broke this illusion by saying Uncle 

Today I felt like writing something deep,

 Then thought that if someone drowns, he will have to give to take it

learn to appreciate

 Good people don’t meet often

 And not like me at all!!

 Tension should be taken as much,

 As long as it works

 Not so much that life becomes jandubam 

 Earlier there used to be brother-in-law,

 Then brother-in-law has now become Jiju,

 Will be joo later!!

funny birthday shayari for friend in english

Funny Shayari in English | WhatsApp Status Funny comedy Shayari in English

When there was no telephone and mobile,

 Then hiccups were considered a missed call.

 If two people are fighting,

 It is your duty to

 Sit down so that those behind can also see 

 don’t reply on message

 And on deleting the message will ask,

 What did you delete!!

Thankfully, girls do not go to see their relationship on their own.

 Otherwise go there and speak,

 Second show in this design

 If you sit for 10 minutes with an L.I.C agent,

 He assures that

 There is more benefit in dying than in living

Earlier people used to run away after ringing the bell.

 Now delete messages on Whatsapp,

 The actions are there, the thinking is new !!

funny Shayari in English for Boyfriend

 Relatives are not that bad either,

 As much as Star Plus shows,

 And the neighbors are not so nice either,

 As much as the people of Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah show 

 Only marriage is such an accident,

 where before the injury,

 Turmeric is applied.

 When no one gets up in the morning even after raising his voice,

 A new way of lifting it has been introduced,

 Go into his ear and say softly,

 Tera baap is checking your phone !!

The boy looks like a monkey in his marriage anyway

 From above, the family members make her a gorilla by applying kajal in her eyes.

 Payal’s voice is so sweet,

 And when the same sound comes at 12 o’clock in the night, then the liver bursts !!

In earlier marriages, the diners used to sit,

 And the feeders roamed,

 Now the eaters roam like crazy,

 And the feeders stand in one place.

 When the mother asks to keep the mobile, it should be kept.

 Because in addition to paradise, there are slippers in mother’s feet.

 If someone says that the third wave threatens the lives of not only the children but the leaders,

 I challenge

 These useless ji will die and will not let the third wave come

I am very kind since childhood

 Tomorrow helped a small child to eat crunchy

 Tears were not stopping from the eyes of that child with joy

 Nowadays some people deliberately reply after a while

 So that others do not feel that he is sitting free 

friendship shayari in english funny

Where did these viruses die in our school time,

 Moreover, the raining water throughout the night also stopped at school time in the morning.

 At the wedding a man was eating late for a long time

 Somebody asked how much will you eat,

 He said, I too have become upset while eating,

 But what to do, it is written in the card that,

 Lunch time 7 to 10 o’clock !!.

People are roaming like this wide in the market from 7 to 10 in the morning,

 Like Corona wakes up after 10 o’clock !!

 No matter how much we learn English but,

 If the dog falls behind,

 Have to do it only

 He doesn’t run away from excuse me

Whenever God gives,

 tearing down the roof,

 Had asked for two Sundays in a week,

 God made seven days Sunday

 Time comes for all

 Had left the school by humiliating the mobile

 Today the mobile school is running there !!

funny Shayari in English for wife

Some people are very strange

 still close,

 don’t call,

 no message,

 Are they poorer than Sudama.

 33 crore gods on holiday,

 And Yamraj deity is on duty,

 So stay at home stay safe!!

The value of stone is understood then

 When dogs are surrounded on the path of Susan 

 Women are very happy by making their child Krishna

 But if the husband sees even a little bit of Krishna,

 Makes Bhairon Baba by beating him 

Born in the wrong century,

 I wish I was born 600 years ago, I too would have been the king of someplace,

 And I would have had 2-3 wives too!!

 breaking news,

 Women are unable to gather due to Corona

 Huge interruption in chugli !!

In the golden age, he used to curse when he was angry

 And in Kalyug, when angry, they block digital curses 

 Some boys are sitting so wastefully,

 Keeping his hand in front of the ant it is said that,

 Where will you go now

shayari in roman english funny

 Whatever words catch in moving things,

 call her wife

 Explaining the meaning of that word, one who goes mad,

 He is called husband.

In India, people give the credit for the cure of the disease not to the doctors, but to the money.

 It is said that twenty thousand are engaged,

 Then it’s fine

 One is the tension of lockdown

 A new vest flew off in a storm from above

 Miss you Rupa


Corona was born in China,

 grew up in America,

 Studied in Italy,

 Got job in India !!

 Watch news channel for half an hour,

 It seems as if Yamraj is standing on the corner of the street.

 For the first time in 70 years, liquor is being sold openly and tea secretly,

 Really my country is changin

Sanskrit language is the only language

 Which is heard directly after 10 V only in rounds 

 Funny Quotes Shayari in English

If the earth also had parents, it would have been scolded that

 24 hours a day

The situation is becoming such that,

 Now the government should not say that

 No one needs to come to the procession,

 Bride’s home delivery will be done!!

 Fogg company people would not have thought that even in their dreams,

 In its place, the sanitizer ones will prevail 

Respect your wife

 Who destroys the whole shop for liking one cloth,

 He has liked you!!

 Who has not turned fair even in lockdown,

 He should not spend extravagantly on any cream in future 

 This corona has also become like a Bollywood movie,

 Earlier there was Corona, now Corona 2 has come,

 Heard that Corona 3 is also going to be released !!

Asian paint lasts for years or not,

 But his bucket is definitely useful in bathing for 10 years 

 morning newspaper,

 evening tea and,

 Neighbor drying hair in balcony

 What else is needed in life

 Let’s go Lockdown

whatsapp funny shayari in english

The guest came and asked him,

 Have tea or cold,

 Said bring both,

 I also gave it by adding ice to the tea.

 Smarter than us

 what day has come,

 Now life rests on only 3 things

 mill flour mobile data,

 and pat on the face,

 Otherwise Tata from me

It doesn’t matter if the neighbor works for the neighbor

 But if the neighbor comes to work for the neighbor then Babal 

 In 2022 when people will see each other,

 So you will say oh look this is also alive 

This time all uncles are happy

 Because all the nephews and nieces are at their house more dangerous than Corona 

 You guys have noticed that

 Since the time Corona came, the Ad of Closeup has stopped coming,

 Come near, come near, come close.

don’t say that by mistake

 oh god take it up

 The file is getting passed immediately

 Hey, tell some policemen, then give the receipt of the whipping,

 Code again at the next intersection

 Corona test can also be done at home

 Argue with wife for half an hour,

 If you can’t breathe,

 So understand the report is negative 

If the vaccine is not being made, then

 Make only corona visible glasses,

 Will kill with slippers only 

funny hindi shayari in english

 This is the world’s first AC disease,

 In which you cannot even go to inquire about your health.

Neighbor sister-in-law smiled again today after seeing me.

 I understood then

 His cylinder must have run out

 Women can forget the biggest sorrow

 But can never forget the utensils that went to the neighbor’s house 

 Indian mommy kills so much that,

 If his bangle breaks, then one more round kills that,

 Because of you my bangle broke!!

 Marry a girl with short height,

 Because the smaller the problem, the better!!

Chinese made touch phones

 made tv with touch

 Make touch doors too

 Even if it does not fill the stomach,

 Years made the disease touchy 

 Listen boys, do not start doing so much housework while sitting at home in lockdown

 Mother should give up hope of bringing a daughter-in-law in the house

Initially the government was saying,

 We have to defeat Corona

 Later the government started saying,

 We have to live with Corona

 lest it be so,

 Now the government started saying that Corona will remain the same 

 People abroad are concerned that,

 will survive or not,

 People in India are making pickles for the next year,

 This is confidence!!

Remembering the old things lying in the lockdown

 If it continues like this,

 Do not remember the previous birth somewhere 

 I don’t care anymore

 open schools or colleges

 The student inside me was now dead

funny love shayari in english

Funny Shayari in English | WhatsApp Status Funny comedy Shayari in English

Today my pillow and bed also spoke

 get up and sit down,

 walk on the roof,

 So let’s take a breather too

 While drinking lukewarm water, Antadiya also started asking

 Has the owner got a geyser in his neck?

 They had reached this far by escaping for a whole year

 And now it seems

 Just like the ninety-nine snake on the snake ladder has been bitten!!

In a panic if the lock of the house is not found,

 So you can also go by putting a board of Corona positive on the door 

 Same slogan of Modi and Yogi,

 Neither ours will settle down nor will yours settle down,

 Whenever the wedding season comes,

 Will put lockdown again 

Funny Romantic love you Shayari

There are about 72 lakh sadhus all over India

 Is there not one such miraculous Baba among them

 Who can control the corona virus 

 Taking mobile from the hands of children of today means

 It’s like taking an oxygen mask out of an ICU patient’s mouth

 It’s starting to fizzle out

When luck was distributing money,

 Then Mukesh Ambani ran away with my bowl

 History is witness that

 Till today a fly has never fallen in the pag of liquor.

 History is witness

 No matter how much trouble comes on the earth

 People will not stop getting married

Papa’s angel or mom’s helicopter,

 please fly home

 The cops outside are once again playing pubg 

 Yesterday my friend asked me for 5000,

 My tears came, I said,

 Thank you, you understand me worthy,

 but no money

If the moon comes to know that,

 Here what kind of faces are called the moon,

 So the moon will jump on the ground and give his Life

 The shop owner wants the shop to open,

 Hindus want temples open

 But we salute the children of our country.

 No child insisted,

 that the school is open!!

funny urdu shayari in english

Old fashioned 1 rupee,

 Today’s 100 was equal to Rs.

 Just like 40-45% marks of my 10th class,

 Today’s 95% be considered 

 I will take all the old bridesmaids in my procession.

 And I’ll wash off all the girls’ makeup

 I heard two women talking in the market today,

 To be free from Chula Chowk early in the night,

 We will go to see Night Curfew

I will take all the old bridesmaids in my procession.

 And I will wash off the makeup of all the girls !!

Lipstick is also a wonderful thing,

 If applied on the lips, the teeth bloom,

 And if you put it on the shirt, the teeth move.


 Never love a foreigner,

 Crying, Naina will get tired,

 To love always neighbor,

 You can see from the window too!!


 When I first heard the name of Mia Khalifa,

 I thought there must be a prince from Dubai!!

no one wishes on birthday

 But when the result comes,

 Grandfather’s sister-in-law’s daughter’s neighbor’s brother’s neighbor also gets a call!!

 Sometimes instead of Thank you,

 If I love you reply,

 Don’t take it to heart

 My keyboard is broken!!

Some bus people play such a painful song that,

 Passenger falls in true love 2-3 times on the way 

funny Shayari in English for girls

 Abroad Kitchen, Bedroom, Guestroom, Storeroom,

 Papa’s room, TV room, big room, God’s room in India 

25 I was understanding him,

 Saw yesterday getting the vaccine done,

 The heart has settled since then!!

 I notice one thing,

 Ever since Corona came,

 There is no respect for the rest of the diseases 

when someone says,

 Should I ask you something,

 And then says leave, let it go

 then mind,

 Let him run and kill him

 And tell me why do you eat so much in replying,

 Do the family members not give food?

Ramchandra said to Siya,

 Such a Kali Yuga will come, people will only sneeze and the ambulance will take away 

 Show me some glory, O One above,

 Who doesn’t reply

 blow up the display of his phone !!

 Everyone got a loved one,

 We only got one who eats the price !!


wounds can heal,

 but not words,

 That’s why always solve the matter by fighting 

 Take the same amount in the glass,

 The family members do not leave

 looking for you

funny Shayari for husband in English

Government servants take everyone’s love for marriage.

 That’s why our kind government is making everything private

 I enjoy bothering you

 Because you can’t punch me from that far away

 Sometimes in my heart

 a thought comes,

 That despite having a brain, why does the thought come in the heart !!

respect us,

 Otherwise your legs will break.

 Somebody said you are very nice

 I said this is bad

 Thank you Whatsapp is not in Hindi,

 Otherwise the last seen is called last darshan 

everyone in school college,

 meet good friends,

 I don’t know from where I got these wild animals 


 Love is a deadly disease

 don’t do it

 Don’t let it

 So many people,

 DP watch so carefully,

 as carefully,

 The puncturewala looks at the tyre!!

 Bone gets stronger by eating bananas.

 And if you step on a banana peel, it breaks.

 Got the whole body X-ray done today.

 Brother, my heart is missing from my chest 

The exam is over,

 If someone asked the result,

 So the relationship is over.

 India is the only country

 Where people speak before a fight,

 “You showed me your hand” 

funny Dosti Shayari for girls

 Sharif is the only one in today’s world.

 Whose actions no one knows 

Can not sleep

 There is no rest at night,

 During the day I asked Lord

 Is this what you call love

 Lord said no son it is summer, this is the condition of everyone 

 It’s getting so hot

 That now there is noon directly after the night 

everyone will say on holi

 Don’t feel like it’s Holi.

 and you say

 Don’t feel bad I have corona virus

 The women whom God gives beauty,

 Don’t forget to give baldness to their husbands

 Brinjal with worms brought again,

 How many times has it been said, pay attention to the vegetable, not to the vegetable one 

There are three times in every person’s life

 Morning, Afternoon and Evening

 Make love in your own city

 Petrol is expensive, just save!

 What a wise man has said,

 Leave today’s work for tomorrow

 And then kill tomorrow

The people sitting on the first bench can’t forget the school

 And to those who sit on the last bench,

 Can’t forget School

 Everyone gives heart

 you give money

 We have to fight elections

If a car is seen coming at a slow speed with a loud horn

 So understand that someone with a scooty is driving a car 

 The phone was on charging and the phone was on silent

 These two sentences should be declared as national excuse

 In our India, people do not say thanks on receiving gifts

 Rather it says

 It’s the same

 What was the need of this.

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