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Children dance in the procession so so cute,

 The elderly dance, so what’s the matter?

 Young people dance, then brother-in-law

Half the life of thin people is spent in listening to this,

 Eat and drink something!!


Sometimes coming to our house as a guest,

 We will show you the photos of cold drinks, crunchy, gram flour laddus, pani puri, samosas all!!


no matter how big the man is,

 Known only by his wife’s name in the in-laws’ house,

 Falani’s Groom!!


Happy Shayari in English

It’s getting so hot that

 Boys come out of the house as heroes,

 And come back as bats!!


The teacher said, what is a decimal called?

 Student said that love in tenth is called decimal !!


Sometimes loneliness hurts, then turn off the lights and watch the horror movie,

 loneliness ends,

 Every time it seems

 Someone is standing behind!!


Father-in-law said, never tell if you are drunk

 Son-in-law said Tohar girl is bloodthirsty, what do you tell me !!


This God, you speak to your clouds,

 Dude don’t rain everyday

 Here the light goes out!!


India’s most favorite dish, Khao Meri Kasam

Imagine if Lord Ram would fight with Ravana by sitting in a NANO car instead of a chariot.

 What does Ravana say?

 Drive na NANO se Baan Re,

 Take your life, Ram Re!!


Keep busy like this on mobile day and night, if you don’t get anything, you will definitely get glasses !! 

Once a thief was running away from the house after stealing that,

 The child’s eyes opened and the child said,

 Take the school bag too bastard or else I will make noise !!

Happy Shayari Quotes in English

Americans after vaccination

 thank you nurse,


 God bless you,


 How long does it take to rub the cotton !!


Apna group has also become like a government school,

 no one comments message

 Everyone’s name is in the register!!


The relation of brother and sister is different.

 Will give kidney to each other,

 But the TV remote will not give !!


The conversation stopped with him,

 When instead of writing good on his photo, the old lady wrote !!


What is marriage?

 If two wires of electricity are connected correctly, then light is light,

 If connected wrong, it’s a blast!


No matter how big the house is,

 If the cooler and the fridge are not kept the same, then

 You are not a good Indian !!


The girl’s land asks like this,

 Like his daughter will go straight to the field and plow !!


50 rupees of a Sardar got lost in the train.

 Then a Muslim said,

 Ya Allah got twenty,

 Sardar said if you got confused, brother-in-law,

 Who got the remaining 30!!


keep laughing in life,

 keep smiling,

 Do you know if there are 2 front teeth tomorrow?

Happy Shayari Status Quotes in English

Listen, all the group members are informed that,

 Deposit 100-100 rupees in 5 days,

 To put tarpaulin in the group,

 There is no hope of rain!!

If you are not happy after marriage,

 So old age comes soon,

 And if you are happy then fat,

 That’s why you must fight twice a week!!

Five fingers are never equal,

 But everyone gets together to eat,

 Where is the chatori !!


What happened that we do not beat in someone’s heart,

 But there is a lot of knocking in the eyes !!


The word that catches the moving talk is called a wife.

 Explaining the meaning of that word, one who goes mad,

 He is called husband!!

Shayari in English happines

If you want to keep money, then keep it with the bank of wife,

 Will get a little less

 But in difficult times you will get from there,

 That too without interest!!


Doubt has a limit, man

 I came from office

 Neighbor came from home,

 Seeing both of them in the street, did the wife go to bid !!


The bride now enters the house,

 Since then he is taught to kick,

 And give the blame to the daughter-in-law!!


When there was fever in childhood, only one thing of the doctor seemed good,

 Don’t take bath for two days and don’t go to school for three days!!

Happines Shayari in English

Arguing weakens the relationship,

 Therefore, strengthen the relationship by swooping immediately !!


Something must have been written this summer,

 Otherwise, do not walk around with such a degree !!


Nowadays people are skimping even in laughing,

 learn from demons

 He used to laugh even after his head and torso were separated.


No matter how much you abuse Corona,

 But the poor man has neither discriminated against anyone nor casteism,

 Everyone’s saath everyone’s annihilation!!


I fooled the paracetamol pill today,

 Took the pill without pain

 Now she will be searching for pain all over the body !!


Happines life Shayari in English

Sometimes laugh with these teeth,

 In old age, it will only give you sorrow by shaking this hill !!


We were robbed by mustard,

 Where was the power in petrol diesel?

 Our Bhajiya also dipped in the same pan in which there was less oil !!


Arrogance and pride is a mental illness,

 Whose treatment is done by nature and time

Be yourself happy, don’t give this responsibility to anyone else

Shivaji says,

 to be nice to one’s appearance,

 Maybe worse than being bad

Have always lived laughing in life, did not put sorrows on the head too much

With whomever you give openly, you will be called an opponent, not a traitor

Let time pass, answer only time

Happy life Shayari in English

God is pleased by your intention, and man by appearance

He who walks on his own, he changes the world

When you stumble and don’t fall,

 then understand that,

 The one above has held my hand

Where everyone’s courage ends,

 That’s where the history makers begin

Sorry for the mistakes, not insulted

Your words are telling, how is your upbringing !!

Buying anything with your earned money,

 The hobbies of life will automatically decrease

Buying anything with your earned money,

 The hobbies of life will automatically decrease !!

We are very important in gatherings, if we are not there then who will tie the turban !!

Happy Quotes Status Shayari in English

you bow down before him,

 He will bow the world in front of you

you bow down before him,

 He will bow the world in front of you !!

Oh God, when I cleaned the mirror, I was seen, and if I did, you were seen

what you are getting,

 There it is better for you

 You don’t know this

 But the giver knows very well

No matter how much you sit with the wise, the experience comes only after becoming a fool

What you did today will happen to you tomorrow too.

 This is the law of destiny

Always remember that tomorrow will never come,

 Whom you are relying on

There is no greater truth than Shri Ram,

 No one is a bigger devotee than Hanuman

Come out with an empty pocket in the market sometime, the fear of earning respect will go away

Our last hope is ourselves

 And as long as we are

 feeling hopeful

What did that youth do?

 without a story,

 of your name

WhatsApp happy Shayari in English

Where will you hide by doing bad deeds, the earth, the sky, everything belongs to him

Your calm and steady mind is

 There is a Brahmastra for every battle in your life

Whether the heart is clean or not,

 But the mind must be clear

After winning, the whole world embraces,

 But the one who embraces after defeat,

 It’s only there

When the steps get tired,

 So encouragement supports

 When everyone turns their backs,

 So God is with you

The one who gets respect from being, what does this world call him

It’s better to be a big servant

Life happy Shayari in English

 Be the little boss

be patient,

 That’ll fix everything!!

Shri Krishna says that,

 If you get the qualities, make you a guru.

 If you get the mind, the disciple

 Make friends if you like

 Otherwise stay alone

Don’t take my softness as weakness,

 I keep an eye

 Just out of fear of God

I was patient even where I should have answered

The rain fell and it said so much in the ears, the heat does not stay with anyone forever.

do the work so that,

 Be proud of the work you did.

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