I love you Shayari in English | first love Status Shayari in English

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I have never seen a fool from girls in love,

 Often considers people who are not even their own

 My own heartbeat is not in my control,

 What is our meeting today?

I have never seen a fool from girls in love,

 Often considers people who are not even their own.

 My own heartbeat is not in my control,

 What is our meeting today

Where there is true love, there is trouble for anyone,

 pain happens to both. Romantic love

 What is the need of lakhs of adhas now,

 When that love is on our simplicity

 If we sell, then we go too.

 will you find true love

 from completion to completion,

 It is good that my love remains incomplete

i love you shayari in english for boyfriend

I love you Shayari in English | first love Status Shayari in English

There is no point in writing the name on the hand,

 The name should be written on someone’s heart.

 Do not keep the phone even after saying Bye a hundred times,

 This is also a sign of true love

 We were also not fond of reading books,

 And this love taught me to read my eyes

 We were also not fond of reading books,

 And this love taught me to read my eyes

Climb in the boat of love with a little thought, friends,

 When it moves, the edge sinks and there is no support

 The body is just a clay,

 you love my soul

 I can’t walk without you

 don’t you be my support

 is not loved by liking,

 love is loved

Emotional I love you Shayari

For a few days, they too have become our habit,

 Maybe while doing mischief, they have also fallen in love

 Just do it, O God,

 find someone who loves unconditionally

 If you really love someone,

 So you can’t stay angry with him for long

 love is good

 who is after marriage

 Give some space in some corner of the heart,

 I don’t have the capacity to handle my whole heart

O God, change the fate of any one,

 Whether it’s mine or make me hers

pyar ki Shayari in English

 If I fall in love in the next life,

 so it’s only you.

 Tell me what will you do with your heart, right?

 You can’t even handle your bridesmaids

To love you like this without meeting me,

 I just like your wish

 The person who does not let the slightest trouble come to you,

 that person really loves you

 True love comes from the soul,

 not by body my friend.

 Somebody show me the broken star too, don’t you?

 I want true love too

Getting someone is not love,

 To make a place in someone’s heart is love

 Don’t look at us with so much desire, you us in the gathering,

 Our enmity with the townspeople will increase.

 I love you too Shayari in English

Afraid to praise your picture

 I don’t know where the time is, you like me

Both populated and destroyed by love,

 There’s a difference between meeting and not meeting

 Listen, I love you

 to the point of passion

Meetings happen even today with you,

 my dreams are not subject to any compulsion

 You have become such a habit,

 who can never leave

 We people who burn in love, don’t we?

 If we weren’t humans, we would be stars

Oh my heart, till when will someone explain to you,

 In such a long time, even the crazy get better

 Ek Tere Ishq’s skill,

 i have forgotten all my skills

 I have neither the courage to return nor the time to think,

 have come too far wanting you

Give some news to that ignorant,

 Don’t let this love drive us crazy

 2 line Emotional I love you Shayari

I also need your arms

 The existence and way of the world is very weak

 I also need your arms

 The existence and way of the world is very weak

Don’t be late to appreciate him,

 who loves you even in this time

 For which you get me,

 I am looking for such a good one

 If you want to love then fulfill it, man

 Love is not a glass of water that is left incomplete after drinking

Oh love, tell me your cure,

 I want to save the life of my innocent friends

 bow your head in front of every religion,

 I don’t know in which dua they are written to be mine

 I have loved you without thinking,

 Whatever is done by thinking is called fraud.

Where is my position to lay flowers,

 Have picked up thorns but from your path

 Put as many restrictions as you can, sir.

 We are the ones in love who will find a way out from every side

Those people who sleep very peacefully,

 who don’t fall in love

 Wars are won with weapons,

 If you want to win hearts then strike with love

I love you Shayari in English

 If the love of every lover was complete,

 So what would happen to those who have thousands of fans?

Let’s adopt some style in love,

 you close your eyes and we hug you

 Before descending into the ocean of love, listen to one thing,

 You will never find the edge of this sea

Love is considered successful only then,

 when both are very happy with each other

 Every beautiful thing must be sweet in taste, it is not necessary that

 now look at love

We left love

 give me some good luck

 I still can’t figure it out

 Why is my heartbeat your fascination.

pyar ki Shayari in English

 Both populated and ruined by love,

 There’s a difference between meeting and not meeting

 God bless if there is such an accident,

 that he needs me to live

 Your anger has also become a fucking habit,

 love feels incomplete when you don’t get angry

 It is wonderful that you are present in my heart.

 I am away from myself and you are in me

To get you another thread of vow has to be tied,

 Tell me if there is any remaining tomb

 My destination is not to reach him,

 It’s just a prayer from the Lord never to make him cry

This heart is a bird of another country, friends,

 Lives in chest but not in bus

 There is nothing beautiful in this where,

 love makes everyone beautiful

 The question was not that difficult,

 It was difficult to just take his name in response

 Wants to escape from the prison of the body,

 strange heart wants to go somewhere else

i love you shayari in english for girlfriend

 I don’t care about your love,

 But you forget me it is nothing less than death

 Without me, there will be some deficiency,

 take life as you wish

 Even if the words I say may sound hollow to you,

 But there is a lot of money in my love

 Who loves to the extent of madness,

 even his hatred is to the extent of passion

Who persisted even in the distance,

 that love was something else.

 where there is true love,

 have to bow there

i love you Shayari in PDF

 love is not about sleeping together,

 being together is a job

How are you afraid of love, friends?

 When the heart is pure and the mind is pure

 For fear of breaking friendship,

 love bows down

 We had gone only as friends,

 I don’t know where I got my heart

 If love doesn’t dry up,

 it was so love

The feeling of being close to your heart is enough,

 We have never even dreamed of being hit by the chest.

 resentment fear hate or love,

 There must be something that you keep away from me

That love is so beautiful,

 that starts with friendship

 Love is also touching the heights,

 Is this the last stop in the journey of love?


first love Status Shayari in English

I love you Shayari in English | first love Status Shayari in English

Love is just a behavior,

 that you do only then i do

 Love loses its way and,

 Hate often crosses the floor

 If there is love then confess it publicly,

 That which happens in closed rooms is called lust.

Love either drives mad or madly loves,

 That’s why there is both the Taj Mahal and the madhouse in Agra.

 Some are crazy about the face and some have a craving for the body,

 Styles follow who is in love nowadays

 Love is like life,

 Now it is not necessary that he should give happiness at every turn

 I love you Shayari in English language

Tell the rain of love to rain a little,

 Big dust has settled on the mirrors of hatred

Now that era of love is no more,

 Now the realization is less and the deals are more

 Whoever you want…………..

 don’t want anything from him again

 Now you have to walk along in the waves of the oceans,

 Only on the edge will you see who does the edge

Ishq in worship or worship in love,

 Whatever happens, a person becomes uncontrollable

 It is the month of love, friends

 join us too

 I have heard that in love even life goes,

 why don’t we name it storey death

Often people’s life starts with the first breath,

 But my life began when I saw her for the first time

 love is that thing my friend

 who makes even laughing cry

 Be very kind today, Sanam, what is your intention?

 want to get or burn someone

first love WhatsApp Status Shayari in English

First love is very special

 But very few people have

 Yes, yes, I am in love, all my faults are mine,

 Follow me, you are all angels, aren’t you

 Love’s deal is something like this,

 in which one has to take pain by giving heart

 What does the spirit of love also show,

 Makes even stranger faces love

 Tell me what will you do with your heart, right?

 Even the swirls can’t be handled by you

 love is true

 otherwise it’s better to be alone

Love is not just a tale of two bodies, sir.

 This is the story of Ek Rooh Pe Ek Rooh

i love you shayari in roman english

 those who love one sided,

 waste your own life

 One wish to live with you,

 Otherwise we also know that death is the only one

Where will the time to write sorrow to those who love,

 Oh friends, bring the pen here, we will write about them

 The situation remains the same, whether it is a king or a slave,

 Love doesn’t matter to the throna

I can make a picture with your style,

 I haven’t even felt you

 Husn initiates mischief every time,

 If the matter increases, then the head of love comes

 Cut the kite also go to the ground on your roof,

 Now understand that it’s lucky to meet your own

Love is such that even a closed number,

 don’t want to delete from mobile

 Let’s see what comes now, sir.

 The dry leaves have fallen in love with the blowing wind

 Heart talks are done by gestures,

 There are frequent fights with the alpha

Handle it as you wish, don’t handle it,

 We are in your handkerchief like a fragrance

I love you Shayari Quotes in English

 The one who entices your heart is not in me,

 Why don’t I offer you my own tribute?

 The world does not have to be convinced of hatred,

 But people definitely ask for proof of love

These eyes understand only the language of love,

 It is visible even if found and even if not found

 Even if you get angry, then only till then,

 until you’re in front

 I couldn’t even refuse to drink poison,

 When the murderer gave about your love

 getting too close,

 have you intended to part.

Somebody go and explain to that fool,

 Love can happen even to those who do not know how to express

 The disease of your love does not go away by oath,

 I have seen hundreds of amulets by putting them around my neck

 Of course I love you more than the limit,

 But don’t mistake it to be blind

i love you too Romantic Shayari in English

Paradise exists even on this earth,

 See true love once

 I want to say a lot

 But words betray you as soon as you come close

 one your dream,

 heavy on all my dreams

very beautiful my love,

 not with body but with mind

 What’s great is love too

 Kills too and doesn’t even get blamed

 Man is sold in the name of cheapest love,

 And the most expensive is love

i love you Shayari 2021 English

I’ll give a sigh and your sleep is broken,

 I want love at that point

 What is Ehsaas-e-Mohabbat, just ask us,

 You change the side, my sleep opens up

 love is a joy,

 who needs to share

Say whatever you have to say today,

 Then say that thing was old

 It is not necessary to show nor it is necessary to tell,

 If there is love then it is necessary to fulfill it

How can I say love is not you,

 How many have hoped to see you become mine

 Love is a disease Ghalib,

 can be anyone

 Acts can be childish,

 But love is not childish

 I love you Shayari for husband

My Ghazal was looking for an heir

 Last night the heart recommended your name

Who cares about their love,

 He takes time out for her

 If you have loved me, then promise to fulfill it,

 I don’t want to shatter like broken glass

This December was the season of talking,

 Pray that January is the season of arms

 We told them with great pride that you are our life,

 And he smiled and said that life has no trust

 I wish your love was also like a marriage,

 Say love – love – love thrice and it becomes yours

Whether the love of two people is perfect or not

 their story is always complete

 Keep your smile for everyone

 but heart for only one

 love is such a relationship

 Who connects two hearts not two people

Keep love so much that the heart is calm,

 Now don’t even want to lose your breath

 Love is a cut kite sir,

 Fall is there whose roof is big

 I may have drowned in your heart,

 Like the last evening of this December

 Life love Shayari in English

Let it be now, it will not end,

 This love is just beginning

 There is a lot to say… to hear,

 When love meets your old one at some point

There is a lot to say… to hear,

 When love meets your old one at some point

 If you really love, then express it with strength,

 Heart’s pain is not known by reading eyes

 become a habit

 love will become by itself

Just a handful

 love is for everyone

 Find me in your sadness

 These smiles are deceitful

 My eyes have caught them many times red handed friend,

 He wants to love but he is scared a lot !!

What is love, man

 Life if you get it and death if you don’t get it

 This fact is very old

 heart is the capital of love

 The tone was of complaint but,

 Got the whole gathering, it’s a matter of love

She will come even in dreams

 let me sleep

 First love Romancing Status Shayari in English

When you pass by me,

 That moment is not less than a meeting

 Today’s love has become like chemistry,

 The sooner you remember, the sooner you forget

you remember me at that time,

 when everyone forgets you

 When I understood love,

 that no one becomes a poet alone

I love you Shayari in English | first love Status Shayari in English

 love is so beautiful,

 if the faithful

Neither meet by weapon nor meet by right,

 Capturing hearts is only met by love and love

 Learn to express the feeling of love

 Hide is also the last scene of WhatsApp

 Bring God to the ground as a witness,

 I do not believe that you are not in my luck

Look at the foolishness of love,

 Even the ashes of water are covered with fire.

 There was such a place in his heart for him,

 Bo place will remain in heart even after death

 What is the fight of eyes with words,

 The effect of unrequited love is often deep

 If you can’t sleep then there must be some other reason,

 Now Ishq is not guilty for every ab

i love you Shayari for wife

It is also necessary that while lighting the lamp,

 This experience came after the hand was burnt

 The intoxication of first love is something like this,

 Even after meeting after years does not get down

 When hearts are against each other,

 When the thoughts of two hearts start colliding

Very beautiful relationship is yours-mine,

 You never tied me, I never left

 Don’t be afraid to give heart

 just seems to break

 Don’t pretend to be mine

 If you have loved then don’t defame it so much

When Trump Could Be President

 why can’t you be me

 Look in my eyes and say that we are not worthy of you,

 swear by your moving breath that we will stop seeing you

 love so quietly,

 that your marriage should make noise

Emotional Romantic love you Shayari

I know she still wants me,

 She is a bit stubborn but not unfaithful

 The things that were buried in the heart are coming out,

 My innocent love is smiling in poetry

 He decides to leave me everyday,

 But his bus does not work in front of my loyalty

If you want to love, do it completely,

 This is not a glass of water left half drunk

 You are the property of my life,

 Whoever forgets you will be a fool

 The doors of luck also open,

 if true love is with us

only they realize,

 heart in chest

True love is only that

 Who supports you even in bad situations

 I would live if I had to live without you,

 But even today you have a dream of dying

As long as there is a heartbeat,

 The chain of hope to find you will continue

 If you don’t believe me then ask in the mirror,

 You don’t like the sadness on your face

 Sometimes it’s too long to wait,

 of a person who doesn’t even know me

From where will I get people’s hearts,

 I have lost myself too in front of you

 There is no chain, yet I am imprisoned in you,

 Didn’t know that you have such skills too

 It is a wonderful character of love,

 may be incomplete but not perfect


Romantic love Shayari in English

It was a crazy heart that fell on you,

 Otherwise we don’t risk life

 There was less love in your words,

 But I was the only one I saw in your eyes

You meet by chance whenever you are on the way,

 It seems life is going away by coming close

 Everyday we have to meet, everyday we have to get separated,

 I am the shadow of the night and you are the face of the morning

Don’t expect from every eye, my heart

 Seeing with love is also someone’s habit

 In one-way love, the paths are visible,

 But the floors never meet

Let it never end,

 It’s love that’s just beginning

 Age has passed but no one like you was found,

 People just say that by searching God also finds

 WhatsApp Emotional I love you Shayari

Even paper flowers smell

 someone gives when with love

Of course you have many fans, we believed that

 But if someone loves your hate then say

 He hates people who tell lies,

 But they are in love with the one who believes their lies to be true

Not for those who seek love,

 joins the distributors

 Tell me what you want,

 Can’t remember the moment when we forgot you

 I love you Romantic Status Shayari

To consider the happiness of someone’s face as your happiness,

 Maybe it’s called true love

 It is not necessary that the face should also be beautiful,

 True love comes from a beautiful heart

There is no need to express true love,

 That which touches the heart without agreeing is love

 We should love someone else only then,

 when we stop loving ourselves

 Showing does not increase love,

 Love does even those who don’t even express it

 love is not a dream

 This is the game where not every hope is successful.

 I wish the moments of meeting you would be immortal,

 then we would be free from the fear of losing you

 Your being is also like a sunday morning,

 I don’t understand but feel good

Who lives in the heart

 Only the heartbeat knows this secret

 First Romantic love Shayari in English

Don’t be so fond of going in the streets of love,

 swear there is a way to go here but no way to come

Somebody comes in my thoughts and I smile,

 If it is called love then yes love is with you

 Love only wants love,

 no mercy

 seen with open eyes,

 i saw you with me

What kind of ritual has gone and how is the match,

 Then there was love in the game, now it is love in the game

 WhatsApp I love you Status Shayari

If they do not realize our love, then what happened?

 we love to love them

 The promises of loyalty and the desire of the body,

 If this is love then what is it called lust?

 I am thankful to have given you this chance.

 I made a mistake but you still adopted me

 If it is unnecessary, then there is love,

 business would have been the reason

 Ishq is compulsive and unrequited,

 Still the word of the blood is spoken

 The stories of true love,

 very few people have parts

Will never be less,

 Moment grew, this is love

 Another name for love

 is compelled

 Romantic love WhatsApp love Status Shayari in English

love has no meaning,

 And what is meant for that is not love

 Then wake up from sleep and find you here and there,

 Why do you come so close to me in dreams

 Both enjoyed the debate,

 I kept explaining to my heart and my heart

Some have fallen in love with the face, some have fallen in love with the memories,

 We have fallen in love with you because of your words

 Ishq was just presented in the court of justice,

 Everyone said that this is the murderer, this is the murderer.

 What a helpless thing this heart is,

 sees everyone but seeks only him

Romantic love Shayari image

What is the relation with you too?

 If there is no chatter then live restlessly

 Love is not tempted to believe,

 When one heart beats, the other understands

 No matter how beautiful life is,

 love can never be dearer

love never dies

 And the one who dies is not love

 Love is deep or not,

 trust should be very deep

People fulfill selfishness in the name of love,

 There are only some people who really love

 Included in my feeling is you like relief,

 you tell me how to change you like a habit

 I don’t understand anything about love

 Just living without you seems dishonest

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