Romantic Shayari in English | romantic love shayari in english

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if love is real

 lo lord himself makes his way

 heart is not a big deal

 heart is a big deal

 If the intoxication was of a sutra, when would it have come down?

 I want its simplicity.

 If love just ends

 so what would you want

Romantic Shayari in English

 Mehboob is in front and scared to join Narj

 This love is beautiful

Believe that love is not bad

 but not more than respect

 when someone likes

 So don’t ask others how is he

 Love also has a different custom

 In a moment, for a lifetime

 Love is neither yours nor mine

 This is a robber by nature

Romantic Shayari in English for girlfriend

 give love some time

 relationships will happen on their own

Love the one who has many flaws

 Fill your face with these qualities.

 do you know what love is

 seeking someone’s happiness in every prayer

 Tinka sa me aur ocean sa ishq

 fear of drowning and love to drown

romantic love shayari

 Who says love just gives sorrow

 Do it right, makes life

Romantic Shayari in English | romantic love shayari in english
Romantic Shayari in English

 Where is there any principle in love

 dude whatever it is, it’s just accepted

 Often the beginning of true love

 friendship comes from

 Love me

 its not publicity

Many times my thoughts have passed in your street,

 Many times I have scolded the family members for smiling alone.

How many times you are touched by becoming a dream,

 Who says that we do not meet by staying far away

romantic shayari in roman english

I have asked you so much in your prayers that,

 If there is even a confession,

 you will be mine see.

The person whose fault does not seem to be a mistake,

 In Kitab-e-Ishq she is called Mehboob

The waters were untouched in this world, it is another matter that the eyes stopped on you

Know how people touch that they get sick,

 We were touched, someone had fallen in love

I don’t feel good or bad

 That’s just mine

He understands my settled prince, I am his spoiled Nawabzaade

You are the beginning of my every thought, you are my first meeting with myself

Humans meet a lot by face,

 But who has a beautiful heart,

 Such people meet only by luck

Two line Romantic Shayari in English

The strings of breath, the rounds of the mind, the garland of arms, we are yours

too many people to talk to,

 But the wait remains only for you

The fun of naming in love is different,

 It sounds good by whatever name he is called

You don’t have to talk to thousands, you have to talk a thousand things only to you

feels good,

 When someone who is afraid of lizards and cockroaches fights with the whole world for you

Love doesn’t always have to be in appearance,

 Sometimes one falls in love with nature too

With a little love, I will reduce your price a little,

 We will spend our whole life on you

be patient,

 who deserves it,

 Life will give you everything

romantic shayari for boyfriend in english

These are only four alphabets.

 near my life

 One night, one memory, one loneliness and one you

Just make me yours now, everyone else will think later

Love or friendship don’t know

 But who is you

 It’s no one else

I have a smiling picture of him,

 Which gives me reason to smile

Can’t tell in words how much relief it feels to talk to you

crossing the limit for him,

 Which is great for you

You are the first thought of the morning, and you are the last memory of the night.

Time has caught

 But I’m not worried

 Get lost with these small things,

 I’m not that human!!

be someone’s wish,

 Not everyone’s wish

 The fun that is in the love of that one,

 That intoxication is not me in anyone else

Romantic Shayari for gf in English

Eyes opened a little late today, you who were with me in my thoughts last night

How can I give the baddua to him, my only prayer was that ever

Not a relation of seven rounds, but

 Relationship with you is of seven births

You are in front and we stay within limits, no one is so pure in love

Smile is the hardest thing for me,

 You just have to think

No matter how sad the mind is,

 Sitting with you for two moments makes everything right

If you had attachment, you are bound by love, so you are tied to it

What to praise someone else, when your own soulmate is wonderful

I love you

 And also listen

 Will exercise your heart to the extent of madness

One hundred questions

 Only you care in a hundred. Romantic Shayari in English

There is no place for happiness today,

 The one who came in the dream today

What to praise someone else, when your own soulmate is wonderful

For the person for whom thousands were spoken,

 When I met, I forgot all the words

2 line romantic shayari in english

Laugh at him and bow your eyes, as if all the conditions are accepted

What if there is no hand in hand?

 It is always with you in dreams

the time is just right,

 But whatever happens to you,

 It’s so awesome

Everyone should be blessed with one cup of tea, cup in hand and love in front

Nothing more is needed from God in life,

 I want your hand in my hands forever

If distance doesn’t matter, then you are close enough to understand

baby you have it all

 And I only have you

All your decisions are accepted by the above, but I want the same person in the end !!

It is not necessary that you stay with me,

 Be happy wherever you are!!

Whatever the character, there should not be a story

This my love is not like any other,

 Will be lonely but will remain with you

How lucky will that person be, whom you will meet without asking !!

yes i feel jealous

 because i love you

I’m promising

 And I’ll do it too

The colors are all decorated on them,

 These dark colors are very sweet

Romantic Shayari in English for girlfriend

I wish every love was like this,

 talk one day, meet another day

 And on the third day there is a procession

Romantic Shayari in English | romantic love shayari in english

Not only love, there is a desire to live with you

God bless both of us

 Never part

you always be with me,

 I don’t want anything else

If you apologise then look, if we hug you then say

Really this love is very beautiful,

 If the one who plays with you is true !!

That Bye is something different,

 Chat even after speaking to whom

 It’s late

I took off all the talismans,

 I am safe with you!!

romantic shayari for husband in english

can’t it be so,

 that i show love

 And you hug me

There should be someone who says in life,

 We feel good with you

 We like to have you

your one kiss,

 Like Dairy Milk

I don’t want any chocolate as a gift, just love and respect is enough

My life didn’t start with you

 But I wish that the end is with you 

Thought I should think of something other than you today,

 Still wondering what else to think

Yes, I have put it on my head.

 Now the place of the crown is not in the feet

You have become life

 Now become my WIFE too

Time is mine or not,

 But I will always be yours!!

just you only

 Be me

I am really lucky

 Because your love is what I got

Where is life in my body without you,

 Where is it easy to be away from you

Romantic Shayari Quotes Status in English

If distance does not matter, then understand that you are very close

You are the only one who is intoxicated.

 This heart is your slave

I’m looking for those eyes

 Who can read my eyes

It’s just that,

 that without you it’s yours

 Pagli can’t live

One should fight for your happiness, I will do anything for one’s smile

I will fight with the world for you, if you leave the world then come for me

Meet once again like the first time, once again see you for the first time

Nothing can fix my mood except you

If my answer is yes, then what question would you ask

Romantic WhatsApp Status Shayari in English

what a relief,

 Seeing your love close to you!!

Make a relationship with someone in such a way that steal all the sorrows of his heart !!

Doesn’t even care about anyone else,

 Ever since you have been settled in your thoughts

In this mean world, don’t you become mean

I don’t care about the roads

 If you are the companion in the way

Everything else is ours, but you are our only

Your smile makes me very happy

Of course there is a delay in meeting,

 But darling you are only mine

OK, tell me one thing,

 me to get you

 What will need to be done

Romantic Shayari for wife in English

You have a crowd

 And I only have you

God bless

 you with us

happy you were

 well i think

Everyone will leave in life, only one friend will remain with you

I’m so careless of myself,

 But I care about you a lot!!

I wish everyone is married to the one he loves

How someone comes in life and changes life,

 Changing the speed of the heartbeat by hugging with enthusiasm

I can’t seem to get up, towards someone else, a person’s sight, made me so restricted

Whoever wants to play

 Do not leave your side till the threshold of death 

Today again these silent eyes are longing,

 Today again wants to die on you.

Take me like Teddy Bear,

 Hit, harass and take me to the chest

Shall I say peace or your laughter,

 It’s the same thing

I am very mean

 I ask you everyday for myself

The fun of celebrating Ruthe is something else,

 What is the love that does not get angry in love

Romantic love Status Quotes Shayari in English

Not on your face, I die on your face

Whatever I ask from God, you are my vow.

 You are with me that’s why life is my paradise

In the affair of lip kissers,

 Don’t lose the kissers

We have only love for you, otherwise we have many loved ones too

I do not like,

 Do you like someone

There was so much in his desire,

 That there is no desire to love anyone again

you don’t know,

 but my heart longs

 To talk to you

Your happiness is important

 to talk to us

 Don’t see you again

will give his life,

 But won’t let you go

People met a lot this year,

 But you are the most special

Whatever the journey is now,

 Humsafar is you

You fight with me every moment

 Still look great

Romantic WhatsApp Status Quotes Shayari in English

He was unaware

 Now my life

Whether it is complete or not is a different matter,

 But there is a wish in every heart

You must have seen a thousand dreams,

 I just saw yours

Sometimes love comes so loud,

 I want to eat you

Oh, it’s too much

 Let’s get married now

No matter how much you fight with your life,

 After all, not a single moment can be lived without him

What can’t be expressed with words, those eyes have said the emotion

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