Very Sad Shayari in English | heart touching Sad Shayari in English

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a good person is forced to be bad, Then it becomes very bad!!

 Before covering someone else’s body, you had to think once

 It’s good to be smart you turned on

Very Sad Shayari in English

 I wish you were only mine or would not have found

Very Sad shayari in english | heart touching sad shayari in english

you are the same, aren’t you who once belonged to me

 Where did I say one day you will change

 Infidelity on Wafa, often overwhelms

 Impossible I saw a dream, I saw you playing love in my dream

 Didn’t find true love But the false love was recognized

don’t know why When a woman’s love increases immensely, then the man becomes unfaithful

 The heart had become angry, Thank goodness you turned out to be unfaithful

 Now let’s mention Wafa, So humans give the example of dogs

 She will keep doing it even after me. now love her

 The hate that isn’t you don’t even deserve that

The sorrow of infidelity found in love, kills a person alive

 I hate you you don’t deserve that either

 Stop looking for Wafa, sir. This era is only for the unfaithful

you were my wish Now you’re not even in my hate

 We wanted them and someone else

very sad shayari in english for life

 He said I am not unfaithful, I said now I’m not looking for Wafa

 It was a matter of which was not his

 That was mine, it was my misunderstanding. But it is true that I am still his

 I swear by your promises, I didn’t have any doubts, that your love is a lie

 The one that was not mine Every moment I’ve been afraid to lose

 who used to come and become breath, they were in the air

congratulations, Your false love of a smiling person ruined life

 to be honest Looks so innocent all these unfaithful

 How much I cried for you, now i think i laugh

 You don’t come in my life I wouldn’t have this

 Don’t take the name of Wafa, Wafa hurts the heart, By taking the name of Wafa, miss an unfaithful

 Remember the unfaithful people, why do you waste your time

 erased you from my heart, oh love you have forgotten

 That’s why we kept the distance, he was close to everyone

 Oh love forgive me, Man is my unfaithful and infamous I’m doing you

There was a time when we too used to be

 If you ever meet, I will hit you on the face, all the dreams that you showed

 Were already aware of your style, Just didn’t know that fools are made like this

very sad shayari in english for girlfriend

 no matter how much true love unfaithful people leave

He is playing love sometimes here sometimes there

 That friend is definitely mine, But that one belongs to someone else

 Broken down whom we wanted, In the end his infidelity killed

 You did well who cheated, Would have been ashamed if you didn’t give anything

 People ask from where did they learn poetry, I say from someone’s infidelity

Have to love you once again, but this time infidelity we will

 Only we are in your heart, This misunderstanding just ruined us

 Go free you, from today your love also ends, And your love is also over

before getting upset, get out of my life

 He had someone before me, she still has someone after me

 Remember you will find many like me, But I’ll never meet them

 You are the one who has changed every time, why should we cry, Newspaper job, changing everyday

Today I came out of my street after a while, Everything was the same, only you changed

very sad shayari in roman english

 Broken down whom we wanted, In the end his infidelity killed

 When love is grace of God, so how did he call us unfaithful

 I can’t live without you how beautiful she used to lie

That man is weak, love in a woman’s heart wakes him up

 I don’t feel sorry for infidelity i just had a lot of hope from someone

 I used to fight with every person once on this matter, Everyone used to say that it will make you forget

 swore to his honor, that dishonest somewhere

 If I had to do timepass, I would have done it from someone else. Told you that we love like worship

Whenever I write the story of your infidelity, The words of my story cry every piece

 How long will I keep on tormenting to find you, someone deceives me so that my hope is broken

 Come, let’s make a spectacle of love again today, Take many oaths and forget by laughing

very very sad shayari in english

 Something #sweet is made today, After the #bitterness of your #love

She was everyone Wasn’t just mine

 I get it so well, It’s just someone else’s for a long time.

 Wanting you is like a sin, Everyone asks how much loyalty has come in your share.

 Mistakes are forgiven a thousand, Infidelity is none

 It is your mistake that you will get the destination, Who got the thread of loyalty in love

You do a million unfaithfulness to me, But my favor is only with you.

 Ishq to bepannaah happened with a vow, The only mistake was that it happened to you.

 That luck belonged to someone else. And we are ruined.

 My existence is like a cigarette, Just left, he used to drink and drink.

 Why do you defame me I don’t even know about infidelity

I too am not happy by doing anything, you didn’t do well

 someone from that unfaithful Didn’t say a word, everyone told me keep your spirits

 As this night deepens, I miss your infidelity

sad shayari images in english

 Let’s just be unfaithful, But tell me what are you?

 I kept giving opportunities again and again, He kept cheating again and again.

Infidelity was in your nature, Otherwise we have seen people Whispering even in compulsions.

 like a blind believed in you, And you made me realize That we were blind

 The law of love is different, The faithful get punishment in its court.

 I kept the distance for this reason, He was close to everyone

 You had to get into someone else’s heart, So it would have come down from my heart.

There was a lack of loyalty, sir The rest my friend was amazing.

 Hate only to that extent, Don’t be ashamed when you have to meet

 Were loyal, therefore fell out of sight, Maybe he was looking for someone unfaithful.

 Wafa is not available here in exchange for Wafa, I have seen this by experience.

Who has not seen unfaithful people, I wish he could see my friend’s face

sad shayari in english for girlfriend

 The liar will go But not unfaithful

 Forgot my name now, The one who calls us as life

 Eid Mubarak to that moon too, Which now belongs to someone else

My love is half gone But his timepass is complete.

 I have forgiven you But love will definitely take its revenge.

 Before someone becomes unfaithful, Why don’t we part?

 They were compulsions and we parted, Even then they say that we have become unfaithful.

 you are happy now by ruining me

He never lost a moment in love, And I lost my whole life in that one moment.

 You are not from our heart, Loved only out of necessity

 We also loved But sorry to some unfaithful

 I wish some beautiful looking people, Hearts were equally beautiful.

burn our favors, Tell me who are you now

 I was just fond of him, So it’s done

 The only difference that has made in my life is because of his infidelity. Earlier smile used to come and now I have to bring it.

sad Shayari WhatsApp Status in English

He found a strange way of hating me, Laughing heart made her empty He asked for separation and became a question.

 this is hate That love was amazing

 God keep them safe who hate us love is not right Hate is right

 We got burnt in his love like wax, If still he calls us unfaithful… Salute to his kindness

 Didn’t appreciate my loyalty Would have done it on his own choice, Heard it didn’t happen to him either

 You are living laughing Despite being separated.. How could he have lived?

 Bring it together.. Unfulfilled tales of your false promises.. Will you again in the next love.. Will need them

Forgive you every mistake.. Forgot every letter of yours.. It is sad that my love.. You stitched up being unfaithful.

 After he left.. We don’t love anyone.. It’s a short life

 Step by step, Baharo left. Friends left when needed, Bada did the stars to play together, The stars left in the morning

 broken heart hurts When the pain is felt, When loved ones started hating

 Give me some good punishment, Let’s do this, forget me If you part, death will come.

alone sad shayari in english

 When God would have made love, So he would have tried himself, What is our duty?

Very Sad shayari in english | heart touching sad shayari in english

You have been left unnecessarily, just tell me, Relaxed or not?

 Care, desire and people, Less is better

 Night alone speaks a lot, But he can hear Who is alone.

 It’s a strange journey The one for whom I write is oblivious.

Often people ask the reason for separation, I save your honor by telling my shortcomings.

 walk alone and be alone, from the mean world, This street is good

 What a great way we are, For any one person

 Some people are life But not in life

 Your wait is still yours, But you don’t even need it now.

The heart still says, story if it were would have been something else

 I don’t know what kind of love is this for you Doesn’t matter, yet the heart Your concern is only yours.

 I silently lost him

sad love shayari in english

There are some compulsions Otherwise, where is it without you?

 I was sure that you will forget one day, Glad that the expectation came true.

 who is far away from me, There is no one near me

 Still waiting for him Which will probably never come

Who does not suffer from being separated, Some people just don’t think it is necessary to go.

 It will be sad that we can not meet, But glad that the meeting took place.

 You live without me But I can’t live without you

 Some relationships are maintained like this, months to meet a day Are made to wait

 Your happiness is important We don’t meet

We also had the stubbornness to go to the sky, But there were not enough people to leave their loved ones on the ground and go away.

 We will be so silent You will scream

 no one dies without anyone, Time teaches everyone to live.

 We have maintained that relationship too. In which the first condition was not to meet.

 Oye please come back I don’t feel like you swear without you

 You have forgotten It doesn’t happen to us either.

 Whose eyes were cut in winter, He has given the separation of centuries.

Sad Shayari Quotes in English

 Have patience, sorry for sure Will them

 let bygones be bygones, God bless him

 Your happiness is important We don’t meet

 I silently lost him

 Listen, you are the same, aren’t you? who was once mine

 We were always close But were never together

 once you meet, So all my sorrow in happiness Will change San

 It will take some time but trust you You will be very happy alone

Don’t mix them, O God, The ones you can’t meet

 We are alone, so alone right, But now you are not needed

 My eyes are sad Just come see

 I like loneliness too Feels bad for just a couple of days.

 gone too far, Some people coming very close

 Deepawali has also passed like everyday, There was a time when it used to be Deepawali everyday.

 We are without you Life is incomplete

I wish my lack Would have made you sad too

 someone everyday don’t talk, Gets used to

 you are happy without me I am happy about this.

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